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Nebbie Williams Teacher Making Science Fun

Morgan and Homeroom Pic 1

Fun.  Engaging.  Challenging.  Hands-on.  Interactive.  Those are some of the words used to describe Mrs. Morgan’s sixth grade science class at Nebbie Williams.  The students start most classes with “Today I will feed my brain so that I can make a difference.” And their class is different. 

“I think Mrs. Morgan is the greatest science teacher ever,” says student Brooklyn Watkins, “She makes science fun and she is always so positive.” 

Students in this sixth-grade class enjoy projects, especially their current Super Hero Project, in which they take an element from the periodic table and turn it into either a super hero or a super villain, complete with a history, powers, and properties, all based on the element itself.  They also enjoy Science Journal Checks, where they review what they have been learning by translating their notes into artistic or literary interpretations. 

“Mrs. Morgan is an amazing science teacher,” said another student, Orion Groak.  “She gives us hands-on experiences, making the topics not only about learning but about fun.  She is kind, caring, and won’t leave a single student behind.” 

Mrs. Morgan is not just teaching science; she is teaching leadership. 

Students are challenged to be and do their very best, from their assignments to the way they interact within groups and partnerships.  The lessons have built not only their knowledge-base, but also their self-reliance. 

“Mrs. Morgan is a really fun, energetic, and optimistic teacher,” said Charlie Russo, another student in the class. “She makes learning interesting even if you don’t like science.  Her teaching style is one you wish all of your teachers had.”