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When it Snows at Shannon, Teachers Go Crazy!

What happens the last week of the Holidays – before students go back to school?  Teachers have to go back early for staff development!  They prepare their classrooms (which often means disinfecting it from the Holiday Party and shambles it may have been left in when they left to start their vacation), they show off their family pictures, and have some motivational training to kick-start the second half of the year. 


But what happens if they are in the middle of this great training and it starts snowing?  Can they concentrate?  Nope!  Are they focusing on the wonderful speaker flown in and booked since last year, or are they staring out the window?  Of course, the window!  Hey, the speaker, Dan St. Romain, who was awesome and inspiring, by the way, and gave the Shannon Elementary teachers some wonderful strategies for  Behavior in the Classroom, was the one that pulled up the library windows and kept telling them it was really coming down outside! 


I hope all of the Shannon and Rockwall ISD students stuck at home had as much fun playing in the snow as their teachers did while they were at school!  If you drove by some of the RISD schools Friday afternoon and feared you had missed sending your child to school because of all of the frolicking going on around the building, don’t worry, no absenses were recorded!  Only a few tardies arriving back to some adult staff developments!

Snow in Texas!