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Mrs. Hawkins Receives Grant

When students have a deep understanding of history, they will leave our schools as prepared citizens ready to positively influence our world.  Students will do more than just read about events and elements from the World War II era, they will explore artifacts and primary sources to evaluate which elements and events had the greatest impact on Modern America.  Students will partake in guided research about topics and events during WWII to create an interactive wall mural, which will be brought to life using augmented reality. Students will evaluate which event during WWII most affected Modern America and persuade visitors to agree with their conclusion. Through hands-on discovery, students will explore replica artifacts and primary sources to make inferences and draw conclusions about events of the World War II era. This is where the grant plays a huge role in the success of this unit. The grant will provide replica artifacts and primary sources to enhance student understanding of the World War II era. Tremendous excitement will prevail as fifth grade students are allowed to uncover replica treasures of the past and step into the lives of American during World War II, giving them a stronger connection to the past as they can a better understanding of the present.