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Ouida Springer Elementary School celebrated its annual Rock-A-Thon PTA Fundraiser this past November 18th.  The PTA raised almost $23,000 at the event and exceeded its goal of $20,000!  The top 3 fundraising classes were:  Ms. Knight, Mrs. Wood, and Mrs. Baxter.  The top 10 fundraising students were:  Zachary Higgins, Cash Meade, Kade Steimel, Carter Shaklee, Kinleigh Johns, Nader Shalobi, Kagen Cronin, Charles Kannady, Ethan Oilfield, Luke Fite, and Sean Granger.  Springer students enjoyed stations throughout the day, including:  Zumba, lacrosse, dancing to a D.J., taekwondo, and yoga.  A huge thank you goes out to our coordinator, Kate Kanuth, all who donated, our local sponsors, and those who volunteered their time at the stations.  The PTA plans to use the funds to grant teacher wishes and save for future playground improvements.