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Hartman Robotics

Excellence Award – Red Stingers

Teamwork Challenge 2nd Place – Red Stingers


Robot Skills Award – Red Stingers

Programming Skills Award – Red Stingers

Amaze Award – Red Stingers

Think Award – Vexuranium


They are preparing to compete at a qualifying tournament being held on December 17 at RHHS.

Members of the Red Stingers are:

Aubrey Smith

Caedmon Swindle

Maheen Kumar

Addison Brown

Xavier Hudgins

David Crowel

Soren Avery

Members of Vexuranium are:

Kate VonGonten

Jack VonGonten

Baden Herrin

Kelly Mizell

Avery Heinz

Noah White

Michael Gunn

Smith Team

Vex Team