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Pullen Brings Home UIL Awards

Congratulations to our UIL participants and their coaches!  

Storytelling, 2nd Grade:  Urvi D. (1st Place)

Storytelling, 3rd Grade:  Ava H. (1st Place)

Oral Reading, 6th Grade:  Ainslee J. (1st Place)

Music Memory, 6th Grade:  Sophia D. (1st Place), Kathryn J. (3rd Place)

NumberSense, 4th Grade:  John Webb (3rd Place)

Number Sense, 6th Grade:  Braeden B. (2nd Place)

Spelling, 3rd & 4th Grade:  Grant J. (3rd Place), Charlotte F. (6th Place)

Spelling, 5th & 6th Grade:  Julie C. (3rd Place)

Chess, 6th Grade:  Maria M. (2nd Place)

Chess Tournament:  Elija K. (2nd Place)

Pullen is very proud of all our contestants who worked very hard to prepare for competition and very thankful to the teachers who gave their time to be coaches, judges, and coordinators.