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Mrs. Packer and Mrs. Wineberger Present at TAGT Conference

In Dallas on  December 1st, 2016,  our principal Sherry Packer & SAGE teacher  Leigh Ann Wineberger helped present at the TAGT Conference - Texas Association of Gifted and Talented.  They were among a team of leaders that  presented a novel plan that 5 campuses in Rockwall are currently implementing in order to  allow for  a full time SAGE teacher to service only one campus.  The whole purpose is to help find the unidentified students who because of limited language, social, economic, and cultural barriers have different characteristics than that of  “typical” gifted students.   Full time SAGE teachers  have time to collaborate with teachers, implement planned experiences to find students who exhibit gifted characteristics and then assess to determine if there is an educational need for SAGE services.

 Pictured below are the Rockwall ISD team members who participated Gifted Coordinator Jennifer Leal, Bilingual/ESL Coordinator Patricia Martinez,  Federal Programs  Coordinator Sonya Carpenter, Amanda Rochell’s Principal Sherry Packer & SAGE/GT teacher Leigh Ann Wineberger