Relationships. Innovation. Excellence.

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Core Values

  • The Rockwall ISD community is built on many values. We encourage and value every students unique values and purposes. At Rockwall ISD, each student is supported by many core values that our students and staff uphold, including:


    • Each person deserves to be treated with kindness and compassion.
    • Families and other core relationships are the foundation of communities.
    • A community is responsible for nurturing and empowering life-long learners. - Collaboration and diversity provide broader perspectives for richer outcomes - People have the innate desire and ability to learn.
    • Learning is not constrained by time, place or method.
    • Change is constant ; courage and adaptability determine our level of growth.
    • High expectations lead to high levels of success.
    • We are accountable to ourselves, each other and our shared future.


  • The mission of Rockwall ISD, a diverse and unified community embracing endless learning possibilities, is to inspire and develop the unique abilities of our children to become passionate learners, extraordinary citizens and authentic leaders of the 21st century by cultivating an engaging learning environment based on high standards and expectations in a culture of kindness and compassion.


  • Rockwall ISD graduates create their vision for the future and succeed in a challenging and ever-changing society.