Drink Healthy

  • Water provides everything our bodies need for hydration. Be mindful of calories and sugars in drinks. Visit the CDC's Rethink Your Drink and Harvard School of Public Health's Healthy Drinks for additional information and recipes for healthful beverages.


    Healthy hydration tips:

    • Choose water instead of sugar-sweetened or artificially-sweetened beverages (HSPH's How Sweet Is it?)
    • Drink when you are thirsty
    • Carry a water bottle
    • Increase water consumption when it is hot outside, when you are more physically active, when you are running a fever, and when you have vomiting or diarrhea
    • Add flavor to water with fruits (citrus, melon, apples, peaches, berries), vegetables (cucumber, jalepeno), and herbs (fresh basil, fresh mint, fresh rosemary, cinnamon stick, vanilla bean)